26 ago 2015

GRATIS Antivirus McAfee PLUS 2015

Antivirus McAfee PLUS 2015
     Si no tenéis antivirus o queréis pasarle un buen antivirus a vuestro ordenador pues aquí os traigo una buena oportunidad de tenerlo completamente gratis.

     Ademas es uno de los mejores antivirus del mercado y tiene muchísimas funcionalidades mas, como protección de la WiFi o herramientas de privacidad.

     El antivirus estará disponible completamente gratis hasta el día 29 de Agosto, por lo que quedan todavía mas de 2 días.


Award-Winning Anti-Virus Protection
Stay safe from Trojans, viruses, spyware, rootkits, and more, with state-of-the-art anti-malware protection
Detects, quarantines, and blocks viruses and malware to prevent damage to your PC
Keep zero-day threats and botnets at bay—McAfee Active Protection™ and Global Threat Intelligence technology have you covered
Privacy and PC Optimization Tools
Identifies software in need of updating by checking the version on your PC against our database using Vulnerability Scanner
Deletes unnecessary cookies and temporary internet files that slow down your PC with McAfee® QuickClean™
Securely destroy sensitive files, such as tax documents, with McAfee® Shredder™
Wi-Fi Protection
Two-Way Firewall system monitors and stops traffic in and out of your PC trying to connect to suspicious servers and known Botnets
Web Protection
Helps you make smarter decisions about what you click, and protects you from malicious downloads
Network Manager
Monitor your home Wi-Fi network even when you’re not home
Blocks unknown devices from accessing your Wi-Fi
Prevents others from eavesdropping on your internet usage

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