8 oct 2014

GRATIS Antivirus AVG Premiun licencia de 1 Año

GRATIS Antivirus AVG

  Si queréis tener un antivirus durante todo un año completamente GRATIS, esta es vuestra oportunidad.

  Ademas del antivirus AVG, en la misma pagina también podéis conseguir el AVG Internet Security gratis AQUÍ.

  Las características en "Mas Información".


1 Year Premium Protection for you Home PC

AVG Antivirus Pro 2015 holds Award Winning PC protection module which includes Anti Virus, AVG-Advisor, Anti-rootkit, Anti-Spyware, Identity Protection, Online Shield, PC Analyzer, Resident shield and Surf Shield to protect your PC for 24×7.
Now get your most anticipated product with 1 year validity which lets you easily secure Home & Office PC one the go. AVG Antivirus is very popular among Windows users and it keeps the promises of security PC to ultimate level for years !

You Like it – Top Features

  • PC Protection: AVG Antivirus Pro 2015 includes optimized PC Protection module that light to system resources & heavy to malicious codes !
  • Web Protection: Antivirus Pro ideal for Home & Office PC use which get internet activity in less frequently since it has no Firewall which can be found in AVG Internet Security 2015.
  • Email Protection: Access email with ease thanks to improved & advanced email protection !
  • PC Analyzer: It aromatically analyzes your PC for ultimate speed that that AVG doesn’t hurt normal PC behaviors !
  • Identity Protection: While going Online and access your credential or private information, it automatically analyzer page & secure connections !

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